"Wo die Sprache aufhört, fängt die Musik an." - E.T.A. Hoffmann
"Wo die Sprache aufhört, fängt die Musik an." - E.T.A. Hoffmann

Soul / Smooth Jazz

Grant Jones


Bassist / Band Leader


As one of seven siblings and a product of Chicago’s fast pace envioronment Grant learned early on the value of being competitive and teamship. Grant’s induction in the music entertainment during the early seventities came at time and and place when there no shortage of amazing local talents. Grant lived in a neighbor where well known talents such as the Spinners, Gene Chandler, The Staple Singer, Curtis Mayfield and Impressions began their renowed music entertainment careers.


 Grant spent a great deal of time observing and being mentored by these titans in music entertainment industry. Some of the most important lessons Grant learned during these very fomiable years were it’s never about anyone individual, professionalism doesn’t have a price tag, and the day a performance artist believe all the learning and dvelopment of their craft is done that maybe a day worthy of considering doing something else.


Grant has been involved in music as a bassist, vocalist, and Band Leader for over thirty years while In his youth Grant began his music journey as a singer in youth choir. Inspired by memorable soul music groups such as the Temptations, The Dells, The Spinners, Marvin Gaye,  Grant decided to join local Chicago vocal groups that were covering such Artist.


After serveal years of performing as a singer with a number of groups that performed throughout the mid-western states in America fanscinated with the power and sound presence of  the bass guitar Grant decided to study bass guitar. His studies include studying at the Chicago Music Conservatory, Berkley Music College, and studying with contra bassist Johannes Schedlick one of Germany’s premier contra bassist.


Over the years Grant performed with a variety of  bands and performance artist in severals different music genres. He has performed with such well known artist as Chaka Khan, Ramsey Lewis, Cheap Trick, and Hollin’ Wolf, and Joan Faulkner (“The Voice”). Grant has performed in many gospel venues throughout Europe and America.


Grant has number of studio sideman credits to has name. He has the abiility to deliver a solid studio abilities on call has earned him a first call reputation with many producers and recording artist throughtout Europe and American. With over thirty years of exprience as a leader and musician Grant's reputation as a fair, well organized, desciplined, productive Band Leader is second to none.

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