"Wo die Sprache aufhört, fängt die Musik an." - E.T.A. Hoffmann
"Wo die Sprache aufhört, fängt die Musik an." - E.T.A. Hoffmann

World Music

Virtuoso Brothers



















" Virtuoso musician brothers "

I am Janos Oláh, a violinist.
I am a bandleader.
My brother is Csaba Oláh, a guitarist.

We are virtuoso musicians playing high-quality international music, with the magic of varied, colourful live music.
We both started play music in a music school and then we studied in the conservatory.
Both of us are learned in classical  music and we enjoy playing other  styles, too.
We like adventure very much in different other musical styles:
We have a varied, colourful, special repertoire with an individual style of performance.
  The other musicians are also highly-qualified professional musicians, who play more than one musical instrument.
With my orchestra we have provided unforgettable high-quality music shows to guests of all nationalities all over the world.
We have worked with international contracts on cruise ships and many more places:
Dutch-American Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Costa Cruise Line
Our repertoire of music covers international entertainment music - always allowing for people's demand,
ranging from famous classical ,

Jazz standards.
Saloon Music,  Film music,
  world music, Standard Music, Italian, French, Spanish, German,  Balkan, Russian,     American, Asian,  Chinese ,Japanese, Greek,and Arabic Music ,
 French  Django Reinhardt  style of jazz -  unique instrumentation arrangements,
Hungarian evergreens, operett's, Hungarian Gypsy Songs --- Hungarian Csardas, Well-known traditional authentic folk music from Hungary and from the Balkans, ...etc.
Evergreens  popular well-known around the world,
swing,  Latin,  blues, pop hits , and dance music,.etc.

The Band have different line-ups:
Orchestra with a female singer.


(the number of the musicians can be varied, increased or decreased)

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